Jim L.
Weekday Fill-in Pet Care Specialist, Cat-sitter, House-sitter
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Tom B.
Cat Care Specialist, House-Sitter                   
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Serving Evanston, Wilmette, and Kenilworth
Serving Evanston, Wilmette, and Kenilworth
Serving Evanston, Wilmette, and Kenilworth
Fill-in walkers, After hours/Weekend walkers, Cat-sitters
Karen B.
After Hours and Weekend Pet Care Specialist             
Karen is a "local" who grew up in Morton Grove. She taught art in three elementary
schools, then landed in the business world where she eventually became the
director of customer service for two different companies. She loves gardening,
camping, long road trips, boating, horseback riding, and has done landscape
design for her friends and for her church. She volunteers to work road races, and
has met all sorts of famous people doing so (ask her about the time she met Paul
Newman!) She sings in her church choir, as well as with a local group called "Good
Noise Skokie."
"I have always loved animals. My dream is to own and ride my own horse
one day. It would be fun to have a large enough property to have lots of
dogs and other animals! There is nothing better than coming home to your
dog who is always happy to see you, greets you with enthusiasm and is so
darn cute you can forgive them for any transgression. They are there to
comfort you when times are bad, and can help you stay warm on a cold
winter's night. They are pure love."
Aaron J.
Weekend Pet Care Specialist                                     
Aaron has a 3-year-old Boxer-Beagle mix named Flash ("He is one of the sweetest,
most lovable dogs, and such a funny guy!"), and is originally from Flint, Michigan.   
In Aaron's spare time, he enjoys going to the gym, going on runs with Flash,
traveling, and spending plenty of time at dog parks and forest reserves.
"A reason that I enjoy working with animals is that they are fun, sweet,
and can be such goofballs! I look forward to being able to spend time with
dogs and cats of all shapes, sizes, and personalities. As a mental health
professional, I definitely understand the amazing benefits of interacting
with pets and it creates a great balance for me because I care for people
during the week and care for pets on the weekends."
Peter R.
Fill-in Pet Care Specialist
Peter grew up in Barrington, IL and has lived in and out of Chicago his whole life.
While he is not pet-sitting, he enjoys photography, design, and cars. He also takes
care of his family dog, Sam, a black English Lab.
"I enjoy working with animals because making them happy makes me
happy. Something I look forward to as a pet-sitter and dog-walker with
Heaven Sent is getting to know all the unique personalities of the animals!"

Mark T.
Weekday Fill-in Pet Care Specialist
Mark is originally from Evanston and has lived there his whole life. In his spare time
he enjoys playing basketball, traveling, reading, and cooking. Also when he's not
dog-walking, he's auditioning for his next acting role or taking acting classes.
"A reason I enjoy working with animals is the simple joy that they bring
me. I look forward to as a pet-sitter/dog-walker with Heaven Sent is
taking care of all different types of dogs."
Masa N.
Cat Care Specialist  
Masa moved to Chicago in 2017 pursue a graduate degree in behavioral therapy.
"A reason I enjoy working with animals is because they are amazing and
lovable. I have been a mom to six cats and two hamsters, and can't wait to
take care of your kitties when I'm not focusing on my graduate classes!"
Caitlyn S.
Fill-in Pet Care Specialist
Caitlyn is a Chicagoland native and Indiana University grad who grew up with dogs,
cats, and horses. An avid traveler, she went on a year-log trip backpacking around
the world in 2017, spending a fair amount of time with local strays, pets, and even
elephants at a conservation she volunteered with.

"I love meeting animals and discovering their unique personalities!"