Monica G.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter                   
Monica grew up in Glenview, and graduated from Illinois State University with
degrees in Horticulture, Ag Business, and a minor in music. In her free time, she
loves going to see live music performances, drawing and painting, reading, and
she's currently learning French!

"Although my family didn't allow pets when I was younger, I loved going
over to my friends' houses to play with their dogs and cats. In high school
and college, I ended up pet-sitting for many of my friends' parents and
shared a home with a dog and two cats. Right now I live in a beautiful
Chicago apartment, where, unfortunately, no pets are allowed, so I am
excited to be able to spend some quality time taking care of and playing
with all the pups and kitties through Heaven Sent!"
Jim L.
Pet Care Specialist, Clients Services, House-sitter   
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Mike D.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter
From Mt. Prospect originaly, Mike has had dogs his whole life. He volunteered at a
shelter during his college years, and often took care of family and friend's animals
as well. He used to work in construction but is now in graduate school for
Education at National-Louis University.
"I love soccer and baseball, and am an avid runner. I love to travel and
have been overseas many times. Animals, besides being cute, fill people
with joy. Thank you for trusting me with your animals! I know they are
precious to you, and that's how I
'll treat them when you are away!"         
Stephanie B.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter                   
"Hello! I have been with Heaven Sent since November 2015. A reason I
enjoy working with animals is they are fun, loving and I feel make you be
present in life. I do not own any animals as my condo building does not
allow any animals except for goldfish. I am from all over, I was an army
brat so I have lived overseas and in many states but have lived in the
Chicago area since 1984. In my spare time I enjoy working out, going to
movies and hanging out with family and friends. Something I look forward
to as a pet-sitter/dog-walker with Heaven Sent is the happy faces and
wagging tails when you arrive, it will always make your day better even if
you are not having such a good one."
Serving Evanston, Wilmette, and Kenilworth
Serving Evanston, Wilmette, and Kenilworth
Serving Evanston, Wilmette, and Kenilworth
The Heaven Sent Team - House-Sitters
Ashley P.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter   
Ashley is an avid dog and cat lover, who has handled pets and breeds of all shapes
and sizes. She's worked with everything from newborn kittens and puppies, all the
way up to Great Danes!

"I've raised multiple animals throughout my life and I loved every second
of it. I had a dog that I raised for 18 happy years, which taught me how to
care for an animal at all stages of life. I strive to make sure that any pet in
my care is not only safe, but also happy. My goal is to put the owners mind
at ease while their furry loved ones are in my care."
Jessy S.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter                    
Hi there! My name is Jessy and I've lived in the Chicago area since 2010. I
like working with animals because they all have such different personalities
and they give me a great excuse to spend more time outside. I don't
currently have any pets of my own, but I love spending time with my
sister's dogs, Popeye and Stella. In my spare time, I enjoy writing and
producing site-inspired theatre with my theatre collective, Living Room
Playmakers [link:]
Cate H.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter
When Cate is not pet sitting, she helps to run a Summer Treatment Program for
children with ADHD and related disorders (check out Camp STAR and its amazing
here.) She is applying for and hoping to attend school for social work in the
near future.

"My first love was a sweet, 90 lb Goldendoodle named Buddy. He was a
birthday present for my twin sister and I, and he was everything you could
ever want in a dog. Ever since my first 'real' pet, I have sought out any
and every way that I can interact with animals. I even spent a year
working on a therapeutic horse farm in Vermont. I am passionate about
the loving nature of every being, and try to bring that out with each animal
I spend time with. I now have a silly 6 year old Labradoodle named Daisy!"
Laura N.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter                    
Laura Nessler is a dog enthusiast originally from Blacksburg, VA who moved to
Chicago in 2010. She has been with Heaven Sent since 2016 and loves meeting
and taking care of other people's pets. Laura has volunteered with PAWS Chicago
and housesat for various friends and acquaintances before joining the Heaven Sent
team. She and her partner recently got their own dog, Jack, from One Tail at a
Time, a rescue organization in Chicago. Jack is pictured here at Montrose Dog
Beach, one of his (and Laura's) favorite places. Laura will complete her Masters of
Social Work degree from Loyola University Chicago in May 2017. She is also a
playwright; more about her writing can be found at
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Peter R.
Fill-in Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter                  
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Angel A. Pet Care Specialist, House-sitter   
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Layla V.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter                   
Layla was born and raised in Chicago and graduated from Columbia College with a
Bachelor's degree in Art Business.
"Animals to me have always been something that has made me
extraordinarily happy. I've been watching over family and friends' pets for
as long as I can remember, and have been volunteering with PAWS over
the years. I currently have three cats, one which I've had for 19 years
(Charlie) and he's the absolute love of my life. Spending time with animals
is my stress-reliever. To me, the best type of therapy has four legs and fur.
Tom B.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter                   
Tom was born and lived on a farm in Southeastern Missouri until he was thirteen
years old. His family raised many animals on their farm, including cattle, pigs,
goats, chickens, and dogs.
"This is probably where my love for all animals came from. At thirteen my
family moved to the Chicago area, and I have lived in Evanston for the last
eight years. I have had dogs, and a cat as pets throughout my adult life. To
me, there is nothing like being greeted by a furry friend after a long day at
Hannah P.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter
Hannah grew up in Phoenix Arizona, and has been living in Chicago for the past 18
years. Animals have always been a been a big part of her family, having grown up
helping to care for dogs, cats, turtles, rabbits, and tropical fish. She currently
works for an investment firm in downtown Chicago, and enjoys opera, yoga,
reading, and gardening.

"I am excited to be a part of Heaven Sent because I love taking care of
animals! They have always been a big part of my life. I also volunteer
walking dogs with Chicago Canine Rescue to get my dog fix. I live in
Chicago with my sweet Himalayan cat, Sparta, and my precocious Persian
cat, Carthage.
Mimi R.
Vacation Care Manager, House-Sitter              Profile Coming Soon...
Deborah L.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter       
Deborah grew up in Noblesville IN with all kinds of pets: boa constrictors, siamese
cats, rescue dogs, and even a goat. She raised her two children in Indianapolis
with rescue dogs and cats. After her children had grown, and her last dog passed
away at age 17, she was able to travel the world. She has now landed back in the
Chicago area, to be near her grandchildren.

"Nothing is more gratifying to me than a happy animal (or child -ha!). I
have experience caring for small and large dogs: Lhasa Apsos to Borzois,
Boxers to Mini Pins, Bassets to Poodles. I have experience with puppies to
senior dogs, and have sat for cats and birds! I LOVE that every animal has
its own personality. I get joy from adjusting my behavior to match
Sean H.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter                   
Sean is originally from the Plainfield area and currently has two yellow labs of his
own, Dakota and Seamus. In his spare time, he enjoys performing and reading.

"A reason I enjoy working with animals is that they love to be around
people. Something I look forward to as a pet-sitter and dog walker, is
getting to meet all sorts of animals!"