Getting Started with Heaven Sent
Starting service with Heaven Sent
Thank you for considering Heaven Sent Pet Care for your dog-walking
and pet care needs! We are excited to have the opportunity to speak with
you further, and want to make the process of getting started with us as
easy as possible!

Here are the steps you can expect as we start to get to know you and
your pet(s) and to begin service with Heaven Sent.

Contact us.
OR Call/Text us at (847-920-8392)

Phone consultation.
Our Client Service Manager will contact you via phone for an
initial phone consultation. During this phone conversation, we will
go over basic info about your pet(s) and home, your desired
services and start date. At this time, we’ll confirm whether we
have availability for your request.

Set-up Online Profile
After the phone consultation, we will email you set-up information
to start your online profile. Once we receive your completed
online profile, we can set up a time for your FREE in-home
consultation. (Please note that we must have the online profile completed
in order to schedule the in-home consultation).

2-day processing period.
After completing your profile, we have a processing period in which
we review your profile and email you any questions we might have
about the information or instructions provided.  The processing
period generally takes 2 business days. It is imperative to respond
in a timely way to any emails during the processing period so that
we can finalize your profile before our “meet and greet” with you.

During the Processing Period, you also should prepare three (3)
sets of keys for our office and TEST them in your locks.

Setting up the In-Home Consultation.
During the Processing Period, we will set up a time for our In-Home
Consultation. We will email you asking for 2-3 dates/times that will
work for you. Please note that the Heaven Sent Staff Member
coming to your home for this meeting is one of our administrative
staff and is NOT the same person doing your pet care. (Upon
request, we can schedule a separate visit with one of the member’s
of your pet care team.)

The In-Home Consultation.
Plan for the home visit to take about 30-60  minutes depending on
the level of detail you provide in your instructions. During the In-
Home Consultation you can expect that we will:
  • Introduce ourselves to you and your pet(s)
  • Confirm all the information entered in your profile, including
    locations of food, leashes, litter box, trash cans, and any
    other items we may need access to while we are providing
    care for your pet(s).
  • Make sure we are good fit for your pet(s) & home.
  • Pick up and test the 3 sets of keys.
  • Go on a “test dog walk” to observe the possible dynamic
    between your dog and their walker.
  • Answer any additional questions you may have.

How Long Does The Whole Set Up Process Take?
Generally, it takes 4-5 business days to get everything set up and
ready to go for you to start your first day of service with us--- but it
depends on:
  • how quickly you complete your profile
  • how quickly you respond to our email questions to finalize
    your profile
  • your availability for the In-Home Consultation

Starting Service
Once all of these steps are complete, then we can start your first
date of service! We will set up your ongoing service is our system.  
Any extra visits needed, should be scheduled through our easy-to-
use online scheduling software, accessible through our website.  
Of course, you can always email, text or call us if you have any
issues scheduling/canceling visits.

Forms of Payment: We accept several forms of payment:
  • Our preferred method of payment is Venmo, Zelle, or Chase
  • We also accept credit cards (Visa & Mastercard) and checks.

Time of Payment:
  • For daily dog-walking:
  • Credit cards charged AFTER service is completed
  • Chase quick pay payments and Checks should be
    received in our office immediately after service ends
    for each billing cycle.
  • For vacation services:
  • Credit cards charged 4-5 days BEFORE we begin
  • Chase quick pay payments and Checks should be
    received in our office 4-5 days BEFORE service starts
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