Allison S.
Pet Care Specialist                                     
Allison is so excited to be working with Heaven Sent! She is originally from
Columbia, Missouri and is a graduate of Stephens College.
"I have been an animal lover my whole life. I grew up in a house full of
cats and as a kid my friends and I volunteered every weekend at my local
Humane Society. As soon as I got my drivers license I began pet sitting for
teachers, family friends, and colleagues, finding lots of joy in making their
furry friends happy and getting to be a little part of their lives. When I'm
not petting puppies or cuddling kitties, I'm an actor! I particularly love
classical theatre and Shakespeare. I look forward to receiving lots of from -
and giving lots of love to - all of the sweet pets I get to work with!".
Keith R.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter                      Profile Coming Soon...
Mimi R. Vacation Care Manager, Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter
Profile Coming Soon...
Serving Evanston, Wilmette, and Kenilworth
Serving Evanston, Wilmette, and Kenilworth
Serving Evanston, Wilmette, and Kenilworth
The Heaven Sent Team - Daily Dog Walkers
Betsy K.
Pet Care Specialist                                      
Betsy grew up in Michigan where animals were always a big part of her family! She
grew up with a dog, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hermit crabs, and fish. Her and her
family would also frequently nurse injured bunnies or birds back to health before
returning them to their environments! She moved to Chicago in the mid-nineties
to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After that she worked as a
fashion/knitwear designer and other jobs in design fields.
"I live in Rogers Park with my husband and two young sons, a crazy 4
year-old German Shepherd - Suki, and a beautiful Maine Coon cat named
Yoshi. I enjoy meeting and caring for so many sweet and fun dogs, and
experiencing their great spirits and personalities. When I am not walking
dogs, I am probably running or working on knitwear, fashion or other
creative projects."
Leslie B.
Pet Care Specialist                                      
Leslie has been walking dogs with Heaven Sent since 2015. She has had pets her
whole life including dogs and hamsters.
"I have always loved animals especially
dogs. I currently have a black standard poodle named George. I love how
happy the dogs are when I arrive for their walks. They all have very
distinct personalities. I am originally from Orange County, California, but I
have lived in Chicago since 2006. In my spare time I enjoy spending time
with my family, watching movies, and traveling."
Lemmon M.
Pet Care Specialist                                     Profile Coming Soon...
Katherine R.
Pet Care Specialist                                       
Katherine has lived on the far north side of Chicago her entire life and grew up with
a variety of pets since the age of 9. Katherine is married and has three adult
children. She was an Early Childhood Educator for many years, and recently
decided to seek employment working with animals. She has volunteered with two
rescues groups since 2003 and has fostered over 30 dogs in her home. She has
always loved animals (especially dogs) and currently has three dogs, a cat, and a
bird. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends,
exercising, biking, gardening, reading, cooking/baking, home projects and movies.
“I’ve always loved dogs. As a child I was always bringing home strays, and
would eventually find their owners. It’s something I still do today!
Volunteering at the shelter and fostering dogs is very rewarding. I love
when I can reunite an owner with their lost dog or cat, foster a dog until
they find their forever home, or help a sick or abused dog become well
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Rita K.
Key Inventory Manager, Pet Care Specialist
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Brenna W.
Pet Care Specialist                                Profile Coming soon...
Brenna is new to the Chicago area. She grew up in New Hampshire where animals
were always a big part of her day. The house she was raised in was right next to a
horse farm so everyday she would interact with all sorts of farm animals like
chickens, ducks, goats, cats, dogs and of course horses. Currently she lives with
her two pet birds Bruce and Chico! In her spare time she enjoys comedy writing
and practicing her cinematography skills.
“The reason I love to work with animals is because of the mutually shared
joy we can give one another during each visit. It is so hard to have a bad
day when there is a pup smiling back at you!”
Susan B.
Pet Care Specialist                                        
Susan is originally from the Detroit area and has lived in the Chicago area for over
20 years.
"I currently live with 5 cats and enjoy getting my dog fix through my job. I
love taking care of animals and that my clients always great me with warm
and loving welcomes! I also enjoy the opportunity to be out and about
during all 4 seasons. I like to spend my spare time with my family and
friends, and also like watching movies, reading,  doing yoga, and trying
new restaurants."
Jennifer J.
Pet Care Specialist                                      
Jennifer has lived lived in various parts of the US (Nashville, TN, Columbia, MD,
Pittsburgh, PA, Houston, TX) prior to settling down in the Chicagoland area. Her
family recently adopted a 3 year old miniature pinscher, and have also have two
beta fish that they've had for quite a while.
"The best part of my work day is when the pooches I work with greet me
with such excitement! I love it! When not visiting my dogs, I spend my time
shuttling my two daughters to and from their activities."
Angel A.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter                                         
Angel is originally from Georgia but grew up in Skokie. Her family has an Australian
Shepherd and a brindle cat that she loves and cares for every day. She has
pet-sat for many of her co-workers, friends, and bosses over the years.
"I've always felt a special connection towards animals. I did a lot of
travelling in the past volunteering on farms, working, and caring for a
variety of animals daily. Now that I'm back home, I do a lot of gardening
and cooking with my family. I try to educate my peers about food waste
and reducing our carbon footprint. I also enjoy painting and drawing -- I
love doing pet portraits!"
Ann Marie H.
Pet Care Specialist                                   
Ann Marie is originally from Michigan, but lived in Germany for 14 years, and is still
a part-time translator! She met her Chicago-born, cubs-rabid husband in
Switzerland, and they have lived in Chicago for the past 18 years. They have two
children and a rescue tabby cat named Pushkin. Other than taking care of pets,
she enjoys baking (especially pies!), making small hand-sewn gifts, and she always
has a jig-saw going.
"I enjoy being a dog-walker because the dogs are always happy to see me
and it is nice to have the company while walking!"
Clare D.
Pet Care Specialist                                Profile Coming Soon...
Griff B.
Pet Care Specialist                                
Griff is recently retired, and has lived in Evanston since 2002, though he grew up
in California. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, skiing, and golfing.
"I was impressed with the way Heaven Sent took care of our two cats
(Jacob and Mini) and I thought it would be a good experience working
with the animals and helping out owners that are working or on vacation.
Something I look forward to as a dog walker with Heaven Sent, is seeing
the animals get excited when they see that they are going out for a walk!"
Lynne M.
Pet Care Specialist                                        
Lynne recently moved to Des Plaines from Chicago. She has had cats and dogs
and other various animals in her life since birth.
"A reason I enjoy working with animals is because I LOVE THEM!
Something I look forward to as a dog walker with Heaven Sent is meeting
more animals to give some love and take care of."
Sharon B.
Pet Care Specialist                                        
Sharon is a life-long Chicagoan, graphic-artist, guitarist, and a fan of many styles
of music. She's a travel lover who is especially fond of Italy (and pretty much all of
Western Europe.) She grew up with dogs and cats, and is currently sharing her
home with four Italian-named cats: Rico, Bella, Sofia, and Lucia.
"Recently, I began fostering kittens with Feline Friends Chicago, which I
find highly rewarding as I can get my "kitten-fix" while keeping my own
cat population down to four. I enjoy getting to know the unique
personalities of all the furry friends I've been meeting through Heaven
Paul K.
Pet Care Specialist                                       
Paul is from Skokie and has lived in Chicago his whole life! He doesn't have pets of
his own, currently so something he looks forward to as a pet sitter with Heaven
Sent Pet Care is getting to have many happy walks with dogs! In his spare time he
enjoys spending time with his wife and grandsons.
"A reason I enjoy working with animals is that the dogs make me happy!"
Gabriella C.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter                           
Gabriella grew up in Rogers Park and has a 20 year old cat at home! She has pet-
sat for friends and neighbors for years, and really loves meeting new animals.
When I’m not walking dogs, I’m nannying or writing. I’m looking forward
to forming new dog friendships!"
Joe M.
Pet Care Specialist                                     Profile Coming Soon...