Shannon S.
Pet Care Specialist, Client Services Manager    Profile Coming Soon...
Gail M.
Pet Care Specialist                                     Profile coming soon...     
Gail recently returned from living in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan after 13
"I have worked for Heaven Sent since October of 2016 and have really
enjoyed getting to know my clients dogs and spending time outdoors with
them. Prior to moving overseas, I owned and operated a dog grooming
business and pet store.  I am kept busy at home grooming my two blue
Merle shelties, Franny and Zoe.  My husband and I spend our weekends at
our home in Sawyer Michigan taking our dogs for long walks on the beach.
Emily C.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter                  
Emily joined the Heaven Sent team in the fall of 2016, and grew up taking care of
her neighbor's pets when they went on vacation. Originally from the greater
Cincinnati area, she went to school in northern Michigan for two years of arts high
school where she tried local pastimes like snowshoeing and ice fishing, "living it up
on the top of the mitten!" She moved to Evanston in 2011 to pursue her
Bachelors degree in music : Tuba performance. She stayed for her Masters degree,
and graduated in June of 2016.
"I have the cutest, most hilarious cat named Willow (shamelessly named
after the character in the TV show Buffy) who loves lounging on old
radiators and attacking my ankles. I love working with animals because
they have all the right priorities: eat, sleep, love. Music is my passion,
cooking and weight lifting/swimming are my hobbies. My favorite place on
earth is practicing my tuba while my dog Luke listens and snores harmonies
by my side. Luke lives in Cincinnati with my family, so working for Heaven
Sent gives me all the dog-love I miss so much!"
Karen B.
Pet Care Specialist             
Karen is a "local" who grew up in Morton Grove. She taught art in three elementary
schools, then landed in the business world where she eventually became the
director of customer service for two different companies. She loves gardening,
camping, long road trips, boating, horseback riding, and has done landscape
design for her friends and for her church. She volunteers to work road races, and
has met all sorts of famous people doing so (ask her about the time she met Paul
Newman!) She sings in her church choir, as well as with a local group called "Good
Noise Skokie."
"I have always loved animals. My dream is to own and ride my own horse
one day. It would be fun to have a large enough property to have lots of
dogs and other animals! There is nothing better than coming home to your
dog who is always happy to see you, greets you with enthusiasm and is so
darn cute you can forgive them for any transgression. They are there to
comfort you when times are bad, and can help you stay warm on a cold
winter's night. They are pure love."
Keith R.
Pet Care Specialist                                       Profile Coming Soon...
Mimi R.
Pet Care Specialist, Client Services Manager, House-Sitter
Profile Coming Soon...
Betsy K.
Pet Care Specialist                                      
Betsy grew up in Michigan where animals were always a big part of her family!
moved to Chicago in the mid-nineties to attend the School of the Art Institute of
Chicago. After that
she worked as a fashion/knitwear designer and other jobs in
design fields.

"My first memory is of going to get our puppy when I was two. Bonnie, a
collie, was definitely my first love! She and I grew up together. We also
had cats, guinea pigs, a rabbit, hermit crabs, a nute, fish and we were
frequently nursing injured bunnies or birds we found in need, then
returning them to their environments.
I live
in Rogers Park with my husband and two young sons, a crazy 4 year-
old German Shepherd - Suki, and a beautiful Maine Coon cat named Yoshi.
I love working for HSPC because they are really nice, kind people, and I
enjoy meeting and caring for so many sweet and fun dogs, and
experiencing their great spirits and personalities. When I am not walking
dogs, or assisting my boys with homework (not that they need it) or
generally hanging out with my family (hopefully at the beach) I am
probably running or working on knitwear, fashion or other creative
Serving Evanston, Wilmette, and Kenilworth
Serving Evanston, Wilmette, and Kenilworth
Serving Evanston, Wilmette, and Kenilworth
The Heaven Sent Team - Pet Care Specialists
Kelsea K.
Pet Care Specialist                                 
Kelsea is originally from a small town called Milan, Michigan, and grew up with a
house full of pets her entire life! Her family has a German Shepherd, a Boxer-mix,
and a few cats in the mix. Through high school she house-sat for friends and
family, and has worked with all kinds of dogs, cats. She even has a bearded
dragon of her own! She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre and Communication
from Eastern Michigan University, and moved to Chicago to be more involved with
theatre and writing in an open and encouraging city.
"I love it here! I walk dogs by day and by night I am doing my best to
become an actor and a writer. Working with animals has been incredibly
rewarding for me. I love to see development of our relationship as I work
with them to gain their trust and affection during our walks together. And
it is so nice to walk in and have an energetic dog so excited to see you! I
am passionate about reading books and also love to camp."
Stephanie C.
Pet Care Specialist                                                        
Stephanie C. grew up in NW Indiana and moved to Chicago after she graduated
college. After a few jobs that left her unsatisfied, she decided to give dog-walking a
chance. When not walking dogs, she enjoys traveling as much as possible, martial
arts, and spending time with friends and family.
"I began working at Heaven Sent in 2013, and I adore it. It's great when
you arrive and your client is always happy to see you. Lots of wagging
tales! I have had pets my entire life.
Iris B.
Pet Care Specialist                                      Profile Coming Soon...
Katelynn M.
Pet Care Specialist                                      
Katelynn is a poet and singer-songwriter from the North Shore of Chicago who
began her work with Heaven Sent Pet Care earlier in the year. Katelynn grew up
around animals her whole life and there were always dogs and cats in the house to
brighten up the day. As she grew older, Katelynn developed a love for horses, and
spent over a decade with her horse and best friend, Skyler. In her recent years,
Katelynn has been focusing on her poetry and music, and is currently working on
her first book length project. When Katelynn isn't working on her music and
writing, she loves being out in nature hiking, birding, and most recently learning
about all the wildlife in the area.
“I love working at Heaven Sent Pet Care.
There is nothing greater that spending your day giving love to animals.
There is nothing more rewarding than a wagging tail, or lots of kisses, that’
s the best on-the-job feedback you could ever get
David U.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter                  
Before starting as a dog walker, David lived in Oakland and Los Angeles, CA for a
total of about eight years, where he played in bands and held a variety of jobs-
everything from working at an ice rink, customer service at a record store,
production assistant on several television projects, to “logging" footage for the
editors of various reality television shows. He moved back to the area at the end
of 2015 with the intention of working part-time and putting more energy into the
craft of songwriting and developing his musical ideas.
"I have been with Heaven Sent Pet Care since 2016.  I love being able to
spend the days outside in the fresh air with such wonderful creatures,
getting to know each of their unique personalities as we get our exercise
in for the day.  I don’t have any pets of my own currently, but grew up
with an amazing Golden Retriever, who my sports-obsessed mother named
"Trevor" after the New Trier Trevians, since we had just moved to the New
Trier Township from Chicago. Trevor was about as awesome a pet as I
could ever hope for, and, while I want to get another dog someday,
working at Heaven Sent is a great way to stay connected with man’s best
friend.  When not walking doggies or recording music, I enjoy riding my
bike, skateboarding, playing tennis, traveling, and watching movies.  I
strive to make the most of each day and take every opportunity to create
positive experiences for everyone I encounter, whether human or canine."
Leslie B.
Pet Care Specialist                                      
My name is Leslie and I have been walking dogs with Heaven Sent since 2015. I
have had pets my whole life including dogs and hamsters. I have always loved
animals especially dogs. I currently have a black standard poodle named George. I
love how happy the dogs are when I arrive for their walks. They all have very
distinct personalities. I am originally from Orange County, California, but I have
lived in Chicago since 2006. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family,
watching movies, and traveling.
Kate F.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter                   Profile Coming Soon...
Katherine R.
Pet Care Specialist                                       
Katherine has lived on the far north side of Chicago her entire life and grew up with
a variety of pets since the age of 9. Katherine is married and has three adult
children. She was an Early Childhood Educator for many years, and recently
decided to seek employment working with animals. Katherine started with Heaven
Sent in May of 2016. She has volunteered with two rescues groups since 2003 and
has fostered over 30 dogs in her home. Katherine has always loved animals
(especially dogs) and currently has three dogs, a cat, and a bird. In her spare time
she enjoys spending time with family and friends, exercising, biking, gardening,
reading, cooking and baking, home projects and movies.
“I’ve always loved dogs. As a child I was always bringing home strays, and
would eventually find their owners. It’s something I still do today!
Volunteering at the shelter and fostering dogs is very rewarding. I love
when I can reunite an owner with their lost dog or cat, foster a dog until
they find their forever home, or help a sick or abused dog become well
Interested in
working for
Heaven Sent Pet
Check out our
page for more
Rita K.
Key Inventory Manager, Pet Care Specialist
(click name for link to Bio)
Cindie A.
Pet Care Specialist                                        
Cindie grew up in a small town west of Chicago, where she went to college and
worked as a Paralegal. She moved to Skokie in 2005 she and her husband own
rental property and a snowplowing business, where she manages the everyday
operations of the businesses.
"I have been around animals all my life. As a child, we always had an
animal in the house. I have 2 children, who are 13 years apart; we have
had a hermit crab, cats, dogs, fish, and a dwarf gerbil. I presently have a
Labrador Mix, which I love and cherish. There is nothing that compares to
the bond that I make with each animal that I come in contact with. I enjoy
walking and catering to each one of their personalities because it brings me
a certain kind of “zen” to my day. I love all my furry friends. “Until one has
loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains awakened.” –Anatole France"
Susan B.
Pet Care Specialist                                        
"Hi! I'm Susan B. and I've been with Heaven Sent Pet Care since 2016. I'm
originally from the Detroit area and have lived in the Chicago area for over
20 years. I currently live with 5 cats and enjoy getting my dog fix through
my job. I love taking care of animals and that my clients always great me
with warm and loving welcomes! I also enjoy the opportunity to be out
and about during all 4 seasons. I like to spend my spare time with my
family and friends, and also like watching movies, reading,  doing yoga,
and trying new restaurants."
Molly S.
Cat Care Specialist                                        
Molly is a cat sitter with HSPC.  She loves every cat and so enjoys having a
"conversation" with them. She finds when the cats owner travel their cats love
having someone just chat with them about the day!
Laura N.
Pet Care Specialist, House-Sitter                   
(Click name for link to bio)
Sam H.
Pet Care Specialist                                      
"Hello! My name is Sam Hudgens and I have been with Heaven Sent since
November of 2016. I have always enjoyed working and living with animals.
I grew up with lots of pets as a kid, everything from dogs, hamsters, even
turtles. I grew up in Evanston IL and have lived in the Chicago area since
2012. I am currently a working musician and play saxophone in a couple
different local bands. I look forward to meeting you and your pups!"
Allison S.
Pet Care Specialist                                     
Allison is new to the Chicagoland area and is so excited to be working with Heaven
Sent! She is originally from Columbia, Missouri and recently graduated from
Stephens College.
"I have been an animal lover my whole life. I grew up in a house full of
cats and as a kid my friends and I volunteered every weekend at my local
Humane Society. As soon as I got my drivers license I began pet sitting for
teachers, family friends, and colleagues, finding lots of joy in making their
furry friends happy and getting to be a little part of their lives. When I'm
not petting puppies or cuddling kitties, I'm an actor! I particularly love
classical theatre and Shakespeare. I look forward to receiving lots of from
- and giving lots of love to - all of the sweet pets I get to work with!"